No Small Money Brass Band Live

No Small Money Brass Band performed two awesome sets to close the night at BUKA Restaurant in Brooklyn. One of NYC’s hottest dance party sensations. Inspired by the rhythms, folk songs, highlife classics, indigenous church and big brass band music traditions of Africa and the Caribbean. No Small Money is really bringing something new to the dance floors of New York City. And folks are dancing!

No Small Money.jpg

The tracks:

  1. Improvisations based on Yaa Amponsah
  2. 8:45 You Are the Most High God
  3. Don’t Touch Me Tomato
  4. Valdeez
  5. Agbatsia Song
  6. Bump
  7. Limbo
  8. 8. Mary Ann
  9. All For You
  10. Go High
  11. Political Rally song for Ghana’s NPP Party
  12. Sway